Participants in mediation share all the costs equally unless agreed otherwise.

These are simply:

1 Venue costs if applicable (this will vary depending on where you choose for your mediation)
2 Mediator’s fee for a 6-hour mediation with two participants £1,240.00
3 Follow up fee for a 2-hour review after mediation £ 450.00
4 The Mediator’s travel expenses where travel time exceeds one hour in each direction

Costs are payable in advance 2 days before the mediation
If you resolve your dispute ahead of mediation, which does happen, or wish to cancel the mediation for any reason, you can do so up to 3 days before without penalty. If you cancel within 2 days before the mediation, we will refund you 50% of the mediator’s fee
Sometimes mediations get close to settlement and additional time is needed. This can be agreed by both participants with the mediator at the time at a rate of £200 per hour, payable the next working day.
Collaborative Solutions recommends a six hour mediation, however if after talking with you we believe a shorter mediation is appropriate, this can be arranged.
We do offer pro bono mediations under some circumstances.