What Drives Us

Our Mission

To provide constructive, cost-effective and sustainable dispute resolution through mediation to clients UK-wide in a positive, relaxed and respectful atmosphere.

Our Vision

Rapid Response

Everyone should have rapid access to mediation to minimise the financial and emotional impact of their dispute on them, their businesses and their families, and enable them to get back to living their lives.

Broad Reach

Mediation is highly flexible and affordable, can be offered in person or via video-conferencing, and is suited to clients from all walks of life, and all communities anywhere in the UK with any kind of dispute to resolve.

Be Connected

We will work proactively, in partnership with agencies, organisations and individuals to make conflict resolution through mediation the norm, and collaborative solutions part of the fabric of our society.

Our Values

Conduct every mediation with integrity and fairness

Focus on our client’s individual needs and objectives

Continuously develop our service to maintain and improve quality and reach