Mediation Awareness Week 2

Mediation is a great way to resolve a dispute without confrontation, and quickly. But it needs three things to work:

  • A dispute will have two or more parties to it. All must agree to go to mediation before anything can move on. Often one party does not want to do this, or just will not. It helps to establish this early on when thinking about mediation.
  • Both sides must enter into mediation in good faith, meaning they must be prepared to talk and to listen.
  • Finally, you need a good impartial mediator. A good impartial mediator can help to get the parties into mediation. If you have already instructed a solicitor ask specifically that mediation be proposed.

If you are on your own discuss your dispute with a mediator as soon as you can. We can advise on whether the matter is suitable for mediation. We can also help with standard letter templates to the other party proposing mediation, but remember we are completely impartial and do not ‘represent’ either side.

Once all the moving parts are in place mediation can be conducted quickly, certainly within weeks as opposed to the many months or years it takes to conclude a matter through the civil courts.