Mediation Awareness Week

It seems hardly a week goes by without us being urged to be more aware of something or other. Well this week is apparently ‘Mediation Awareness Week’, of which I wholeheartedly approve.

We  will marking the week with daily posts on our websites and as well as on LinkedIn.

Here is a starter: According to CEDR research the return on investment is a staggering 100:1, or 10,000 percent:

“The biennial audit shows that in the last 12 months £11.5 billion worth of commercial claims were mediated and that through mediation this year businesses will save £3 billion in wasted management time, damaged relationships, lost productivity and legal fees. As a profession, Mediators and Service Providers in the last year earned £30 million giving a 100:1 return on investment for the UK economy.”(CEDR)