In a dispute? Conflict at work? Neighbourhood issues?

Would you like to settle quickly and without the stress of courts or tribunals?

Collaborative Solutions can help you resolve your dispute through mediation.

It’s voluntary (so it needs the consent of all to participate), confidential and about finding a solution that works for everyone at a fraction of the cost of court or tribunal.

Collaborative Solutions can mediate:

Workplace issues

Civil & Commercial claims

Property disputes


Inheritance claims

Community and housing disputes

Family matters

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Why use mediation?

Lord Justice Ward | Court of Appeal, 2005

| Burchell v Bullard

8 out of 10 cases are suitable for mediation  

District Judge Cawood

| July 2012

clients (should) put their faith in the hands of an experienced mediator, a dispassionate third party, to guide them to a fair and sensible compromise of an unseemly battle which will otherwise blight their lives for months and months to come  

Collaborative Solutions works throughout the UK to mediate in person.

We also offer cost-effective video conferencing.